Streching Before And After Excercise

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Stretching Before and After Exercise: Effect on Muscle Soreness and Injury Risk ATTR 210 Basic Athletic Training Jack Mansfield September 11, 2011 Stretching is generally used before and after vigorous physical activity. It helps warm your muscles so that you are able to use them to their full capacity. I, being an athlete would know this pretty well. Stretching is very important. If you don’t stretch your chances of pulling a muscle or hurting yourself in a physical activity rises. I’d like to talk about stretching before and after physical activity and the effects on muscle soreness and injury risk. There’s a big clinical question going around, among physically active people, does stretching before and after physical activity affect muscle soreness and risk of an injury? Stretching before or after physical activity can be observed daily in the clinical setting and in the community. Clinicians and patients use stretching to prevent injury, decrease soreness, and improve performance. These concepts are also often cited in textbooks as being among the important reasons to include stretching in an injury prevention program. Pre activity or post activity stretching to prevent or alleviate post exercise muscle soreness, if effective, could have a positive effect on subsequent. With respect to injury risk reduction, the authors have provided strong evidence from randomized trials that pre-exercise stretching of the major lower extremity musculature using a certain stretching procedure does not result in a meaningful decrease of lower extremity injury risk. However, because these investigators only studied army recruits, the authors stated it would be interesting to evaluate the effect of more prolonged stretching performed by recreational athletes over an extended time on injury risk reduction. Although investigating stretching in athletes over a

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