Stream Of Consciousness James Joyce Essay

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Chapter One 1. Introduction 1.0. Preliminaries: This chapter will shed light on the problem, framework of the study, hypothesis, purpose of the study and the data collection. 1.1. The Problem English demonstratives are used in a variety of ways which have to deal with syntactic and semantic as well as pragmatic phenomena. But this study deals with demonstratives from the syntactic point of view only. The differences that distinguish one form from another are sometimes largely psychological. So, their uses go beyond their definition as forms used to point to entities in the real world, and to identify such entities as (literally) near to or far from participants in a conversation. These varieties of ways in which demonstratives are used and the psychological choice causes the problem for the foreign learners. 1.2. The Framework of the Study: The framework of this study consists of: 1. Presenting a general definition for the demonstratives. 2. Pointing out the function. 3. Pointing out the uses, expressions. 4. Finally, giving general conclusion. 1.3. The Hypothesis: It is hypothesized that languages have more or less corresponding systems of demonstratives reference and English as a foreign language for the Iraqi learners, and students may have the semantic and syntactic properties. 1.4. The Purpose of the Study: This study aims at investigating the variety of ways in which the demonstratives in English are used from the syntactic point of view. So, it will tackle the syntactic points such as: functions, positions and uses. 1.5. The Data Collection: The present study depends on a number of grammatical sentences which are found in grammatical texts and inter resembles as well. Chapter Two 2. Literature Review 2.0. Preliminaries: This chapter will tackle many aspects concerning the
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