Stream Od Consciousness Essay

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29 September 2011 Stream of Consciousness for Tessie Hutchinson (The Lottery) Ow shit the lottery started and I needed to wash the dishes. “You know Miss Delacroix, I forgot what day it was, hehe, I just remembered that it is the 27th after I recognized the silent area surrounding our house”. Ow there is Bill, “excuse me guys I just need to pass to my husband”. Mr. Summers announced the beginning of the lottery, where the villagers started drawing the slips from the black box. I have always been excited about the lottery and fully willing for my annual participation. Here is Bill’s turn come to draw our slip. Mr. Summers announced now to open the slips; I am very excited to know who is the wretched guy who will draw the marked slip. Hu? The marked slip was drawn by Bill, and now a member of our family will be stoned to death! “Wait, this is unfair, Mr. Summers did not give him enough time, we have to repeat the lottery, please guys”. All of the fucken villagers ignored me, even the stupid Bill whom I am trying to save him asked me to shut up, what the hell! Bill Jr. Nancy, Dave, Bill and I, are left to draw the 5 papers from the ominous black box. I can say that today is a bad luck grim day, where I am engaged in the toughest situation I could ever get in. My family members opened their slips, none of them got the marked paper, then… ow shit, I am truly screwed up. I could see now the devil intentions in their eyes, and I just know that there will be no mercy in such situations, even my husband who showed a strong will in showing my marked paper. Ow damn, I can’t imagine that all that bunch of rocks will be thrown on me, anyways this is the last moment in my life. “Please no, please that was not fair, please don’t, don’t,

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