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STREET CHILDREN OF INDIA - SOME ISSUES OF CONCERN. Sutripta Banerjee Subject : Education, Saheed Nurul Islam Mahavidyalaya/WestbengalStateUniversity Abstract: Homelessness influences every facet of a child’s life — from conception to young adulthood. The experience of homelessness inhibits the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and behavioral development of children. Difficulties faced by homeless children include depression, low self-esteem, lack of sleep and nutrition and feelings of shame and embarrassment. These children are exposed to the harsher realities of life. The reality of the street child is the naked and vicious face of poverty, sickness and exploitation. The tragedy is, that those who bear it are themselves innocent, lonely and frightened young children. The movie Slum dog Millionaire has drawn attention to the life of street children in Mumbai (India). The media, both at the national and international level are giving much attention to the problem of street children in recent years. Despite efforts by the government and many NGO’s their number does not diminish nor is their plight reduced. Poverty, abuse and parental rejection provoke children to run away from their homes. Very often they seek their fortune in urban areas. This paper seeks to explore the various issues of street children in India. Introduction We see them every day in the railway station, local streets, shops, and market places and everywhere around. Unfortunately they are not heard or listened to but only quietly exploited when required and by and large ignored. They are the street children. UNICEF’s estimate of 11 million street children in India is considered to be a conservative figure. The Indian Embassy has estimated that there are 314,700 street children in metros

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