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Strawberry Dna Lab Report

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Fred Schmitt
Period 5
Mr. Simko

Extracting DNA from a Strawberry


This lab report is about how to remove DNA from a strawberry. The main purpose of this paper is to inform you on how to remove DNA from a strawberry. The hypothesis is, the DNA will look like twisted strands and fibers of string. We will use test tubes, coffee filters, and many other materials. Some important points in this experiment is that you need to crush to strawberry very well and when you add the lysis solution not to make bubbles while mixing. It will be extracted out of the test tube using a wooden spool. The results of the experiment will be viewed under a microscope.

This lab report is about how to remove DNA from a strawberry. This study was performed to help teenagers in school learn about the make-up of DNA. DNA is the genetic material of any living organism and is found inside the cells of the organism. There are videos on the internet on how to do this. Also there are also chapters in science textbooks on how to do this. Some existing knowledge is that when all of the solutions are mixed together in the test tube they will separate into three layers one consisting of the strawberry puree (lysis solution), another is the DNA precipitate, and the last is the actual DNA. (“How to Extract DNA from Strawberries”). The prediction is that the DNA will look like twisted strands of string when looked at under a microscope.  

Materials and Methods
There were many steps taken to perform this experiment. The materials used were:
  * Strawberry
  * Plastic Bag
  * Cell Lysis Solution
  * DNA Precipitate Solution (Cold)
  * Test Tubes
  * Graduated Cups and Cylinder
  * Funnel
  * Coffee Filter
  * Wood Splint
  * Slide and Coverslip
  * Microscope
The Plastic bags were filled with strawberries. The strawberries in the bag were then smashed until puree-like. 10ml of the lysis solution (a mixture of water...

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