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System Evaluation Paper Teena Nguyen CIS/207 January 26, 2015 University of Phoenix - Heng-Yi Chu System Evaluation Paper There are organizations that are still out of date with technology either these companies do not want to conform to the trends or do not have the resources or knowledge to advance their company. Companies that have issues with creating any type of new information system are small businesses like restaurants ran by family. It tends to be that these small businesses are having issues with attaining the resources at an affordable price and sometimes they do not acknowledge exactly what the company needs to advance. I am providing an example of a small business that is run by a family in my neighborhood, a Chinese restaurant named Main Moon. Two years ago a Chinese restaurant in my neighborhood closed shop. Before they closed shop it showed on the building and in business that it was not doing well. Even with the appearance on the outside I gave them a chance and gave them my business. In my opinion their food was not the best Chinese cuisine in the neighborhood; as well as they did not have any sort of website to check out their menu. The re-opening of the restaurant in the beginning of this year, I admit I was skeptic of the service and business. However upon further debating within myself I decided to give their business another try, what I discovered is that not only did the owners do a complete restructure of business, they as well added a simple information system for the customers. After discovering that this company added an information system by chance, this simple Chinese restaurant decided to go with the trend of online ordering. The system upon looking at it is a simple order and pay online. They also added a new feature where the system remembers what you ordered within the past 5 months and is connected to your profile on

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