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E BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP (BCG MATRIX) OF WALT DISNEY REASONING According to the requirements of the Experiential Exercise 6C, we had to develop a BCG Matrix for Walt Disney, keeping in mind the four divisions of Disney. My reasoning is as follows: Media Networks and Broadcasting as “STARS”: I have chosen Media networks unit as Stars because its growth in income is high, which is given in the case study that we had to refer to. In one of the exhibits provided its shown that in year 2006 income is $3610000000 but in year 2007 it increases to $4284000000 and market share is also high, i.e. Walt Disney owns number of diversified media channels. Studio Entertainment as “QUESTION MARK” : In my opinion, Walt Disney’s Studio Entertainment is Question Mark because the growth is You must Login to view the entire essay. If you are not a member yet, Sign Up for free! high as observed from the given case study, but its market share is low and the revenue from studio entertainment has shown a decrease by 1%. Parks and resorts as “CASH COW”: I have put the Parks and Resorts unit of Walt Disney as Cash Cow because market share is high as extracted from various exhibits given in the case study, but growth is low, i.e. the growth in operating income of this unit in year 2004 is $1077000000, year 2005 $1178000000, year 2006 $1534000000 and in year 2007 $1710000000 which is comparatively low. Consumer products as “PETS/DOGS”: Lastly, in my opinion, Consumer Products of Walt Disney are pets/dogs because the growth in this business unit is low and

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