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Stratification Project I was very surprised and happy to learn about this project, I’m the type of person who likes to know where my money is going. So to do a project to learn exactly who is on the boards of these large companies and what other boards they are a part of was very exciting for me to do. The first part I chose to start with the Target Corp. because I do tend to shop there on occasion and was interested to see where their board members are also a part of. I was shocked at how far I was able to expand the webs. They just went on and on, and I didn’t even expand all of the board members of all the boards. It’s amazing how connected these people are, it makes me wonder if they’re aware of it even. For the second part I chose to find a connection between two petrol companies, Exxon mobile and Chevron. I was actually surprised that they didn’t have more connections between them, and that the only connection was thru the American petroleum institute. The third part was expanding the web for Sam Nunn. I was initially surprised by the original four boards that he was a part of. They are very large companies, and therefore it wasn’t a surprise to find that he is very well connected to a large variety of companies. And for the final part I chose to look at The Center for American Progress. I think it was exciting doing this one to recognize a name, which was Madeleine Albright, and to see which boards she sits on. I also liked that only thru one person this institute was connected to The Council on Foreign Relations; it was refreshing to see a positive institute connected to the center for American progress. It’s hard to imagine progress in a country that can’t get along with other countries. Overall I really enjoyed working on this project, I’m pretty sure I’m going to tell all of my friends about this site, so they can try it also. It’s good

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