Strategy Practice, Process and Content Essay

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‘Strategy as practice’ vs. ‘strategy content’, ‘strategy micro-foundations’ and ‘strategy process’ approaches: Exploring the ‘what,’ ‘who,’ ‘how,’ and ‘why’ of creating a successful competitive strategy. Each of the strategies outlined below seek to explore the different implications brought to life through, or in adjacency to the Strategy-as-Practice (SAP) model. The following models implore the reader to discover respectively the ‘what,’ ‘who,’ and ‘how’/‘why’ of a successful competitive strategy. While none of these theories in pure singularity can provide a complete road map to competitive advantage and success with the marketplace, each theory earmarks a piece of the puzzle and ever -evolving theology which seeks to ground the roots of sustainable competitive strategy. Research on strategy content explores just that: the content or substance of the strategic resolutions of a company. While a large portion of strategy research has centered on strategic processes, strategy content concentrates on the end result of those processes. Liam Fahey and H. Kurt Christensen assert that strategy content examines the essence of the decisions made concerning the firm’s goals, scope, and/or competitive strategy (Fahey and Christensen 168). Instead of scrutinizing the methods through and by which firms arrive at a strategy, strategy content researchers concentrate on the “what” of the resulting plan or approach. Has the firm decided to pursue diversification, for example, or is its main strategy centered on economic performance? The research also attempts to link the specifics of the ensuing strategies to company outcomes to see if certain strategy content can result in more or less successful company performance. In contrast to the strategy content approach, the Strategy-as-Practice (SAP) model supports a wider scope for strategy research, beyond the

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