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Strategy Formulation Rex C. Mitchell, Ph.D. Contents INTRODUCTION 1 THREE ASPECTS OF STRATEGY FORMULATION 2 CORPORATE LEVEL STRATEGY 2 What Should be Our Growth Objective and Strategies? 3 Growth Strategies 3 Stability Strategies 5 Retrenchment Strategies 6 What Should Be Our Portfolio Strategy? 6 What Should Be Our Parenting Strategy? 7 COMPETITIVE (BUSINESS LEVEL) STRATEGY 7 Porter's Four Generic Competitive Strategies 8 Best-Cost Provider Strategy: 9 Competitive Tactics 10 Cooperative Strategies 11 FUNCTIONAL STRATEGIES 11 CHOOSING THE BEST STRATEGY ALTERNATIVES 12 SOME TROUBLESOME STRATEGIES TO AVOID OR USE WITH CAUTION 13 INTRODUCTION It is useful to consider strategy formulation as part of a strategic management process that comprises three phases: diagnosis, formulation, and implementation. Strategic management is an ongoing process to develop and revise future-oriented strategies that allow an organization to achieve its objectives, considering its capabilities, constraints, and the environment in which it operates. Diagnosis includes: (a) performing a situation analysis (analysis of the internal environment of the organization), including identification and evaluation of current mission, strategic objectives, strategies, and results, plus major strengths and weaknesses; (b) analyzing the organization's external environment, including major opportunities and threats; and (c) identifying the major critical issues, which are a small set, typically two to five, of major problems, threats, weaknesses, and/or opportunities that require particularly high priority attention by management. Formulation, the second phase in the strategic management process, produces a clear set of recommendations, with supporting justification, that revise as necessary the mission and objectives

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