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Strategy Assignment Kudler Fine Foods has been through major changes, in which the changes have created advantages for the organization. Companies use information technologies and develop strategies and tactics to help them grow, lower cost, maintain a strategic and competitive advantage. Kudler Fine Foods have properly used the technology available to the company so that it will be beneficial to their growth and overall success. This paper will identify how technology has created business opportunities for Kudler Fine Foods. In addition, this paper will identify the generic strategy Kudler Fine Foods is pursuing, and based upon the generic strategy, this paper will identify some tactics the company should implement to realize the generic strategy it has currently. Furthermore, this paper will describe how Kudler Fine Foods’ management can continuously scan the fine foods grocery industry for ideas that will allow the company to continue to update the current strategy. Technology “Information technologies can revolutionize how organizations do business” (Turban, Rainer, & Potter, 2003, p. 606). Technology can provide a company with a competitive edge, which allows them to also have an efficient and effective operation. The various types of technology have provided Kudler Fine Foods with many different advantages. The changes in technology have created many different business opportunities for the company. First, the most important business opportunity is the use of the Internet. The Internet provides valuable information to existing and potential customers, however, the site is used to attract and retain customers. In addition, the site lists information pertaining to store locations, hours of operations, and the products that are available, such as the fresh produce and the sampling. It also informs the customers of their programs in which they special order
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