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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report is about to offer a better product HERBAL TOOTHPASTE in the UK market from the Middle-eastern Company and to acquire a good market share. Toothpaste market of United Kingdom is divided into two major segments; one is the Gel Paste market and the other is the Opaque market or Chalk Based Paste market or popularly known as the Paste or dental cream market. ‘The Market for Oral Hygiene in the UK Increased Between 2002-2007, Growing at an Average Annual Rate Of 3.2% ( Total UK oral care market share nearly £840m. HERBAL TOOTHPASTE are made from natural ingredients and some are even certified as organic and many consumers have started to switch over to natural toothpastes in order to avoid synthetic and artificial flavors that are commonly found in regular toothpastes. HERBAL TOOTHPASTE have products ranging those are also rich in calcium and other minerals which makes the teeth stronger and prevents cavities. HERBAL TOOTHPASTE will be imported from Middle Eastern Company and marketed at a reasonable price comparing with locally produced toothpaste such as Colgate, Kingfisher etc. Through a research of UK market the objective of this report is to identify the target market with Marketing strategies, target market segmentation including marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion) which is an important factor for an organization in order to penetrate and develop its market. To explore how the target market perceives the HERBAL TOOTHPASTE and how the company tries to influence exposure, attention and interpretation of the product. Here, the scope of the report will be narrowed only to HERBAL TOOTHPASTE. With an effective marketing strategies; the proposed product will increase its reputation day by day and if any challenges will be studied and analyzed so that it can be predicted in this economic

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