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Information technology strategy and business context Introduction Information Technology (IT) Strategy focuses on strategic IT issues and making IT work for businesses and improve company performance along with examining ways of exploiting the full potential of information systems from existing and the new IT products. A business projects and programmes that have a major IT component can deliver benefits to the organisation. A consistency of behavior over time that a company perpetually markets the most expensive products in its industry pursues what is commonly known as a high-end strategy, just as a person who always accepts the most challenging of jobs may be described as pursuing a high-risk strategy (Mintzberg, 1998). IT strategy is the formulation and the adjustment for organization to make technology strategy principle based on present situation. Therefore, understanding user requirements can lead to the development of effective information systems (Marchewka, 2006). IT strategy works from organization's strategic demand, clarify the business prospect and mission, IT strategy plays a role that defines enterprise IT development directions. Further draft a principle as the guideline that is presented to the information technology department for implementation. The significant of IT strategies is support corporation’s business strategies. In enterprise informationization process, the important factors are business strategy, operation flow and systematize and information architecture. The IT strategy is an important tool and the method to connect some factors. It can be achieved through the IT strategy's formulation: 1. Assure the company’s IT investments and optimize company's operation streamline and further to achieve company's business strategy. 2. Secure the integrations of system's information construction for corporate IT

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