Strategizing Health Education And Advocacy Essay

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Strategizing Health Education And Advocacy All around the world women have suffered from many issues concerning their health. Over the years women have become more aware of and made changes to change the way they dealt health and their bodies. Women have been confronted with many difficulties dealing with the population and environment that have had a major impact on their lives as women. For many years women have been battling with reproductive rights, sexuality, HIV/AIDS and much more in all different parts of the world. These issues have been ongoing for quite some time now for women of all ages. The same stories that women have shared in the passages back in the late 19th century are some of the same issues that are still going on today all over the world, these issues are not only in third world countries but in the United States as well. For example HIV/AIDS is a very big concern in the world today and that is why many people stress the importance of protecting yourself when having sex. Just as Sakkubai did with the other women prostitutes who sold themselves for sex which was their only way for survival. No one ever told Sakkubai or warned her about the consequences that would come along with being a prostitute, and how you open yourself up for diseases as a prostitute. Now that Sakkubai knows the result behind her actions she constantly informs the other Indian women and other prostitutes so that they could protect themselves while having sex and protect themselves from getting HIV/AIDS. However, HIV/AIDS is just a small piece of some of the many challenges that women were faced with During the 19th century. Women in third world countries and in the U.S. had to cope with the many health concerns that were going on around them. Women in third world countries were constantly dealing with numerous amounts of diseases that were occurring in poor parts

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