Strategies for Future College-Level Writing

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WK6Assgn.RialsM Mary Rials Academic Writing Dr. Christopher Gilmer October 13, 2013 WK6Assgn.RialsM My strategies for future college-level writing will be a continuous process. I am going to continue to read and study. I will continue to practice, practice and still more practice. I believe my writing skills have improved since taking this class. For instance, I feel more confident in writing a paper. I can even see a difference in how I write emails, letters and memos at work. Whenever I write an email or class paper, I find myself naturally trying to apply all the strategies and styles that I have learned in this course. I also know that I have a long way to go to become a good writer. There is so much to learn. I realize that I will need to read continually, and write every day, and work at building and growing my writing skills. Becoming a good writer is not something that takes place overnight. Having an enormous vocabulary and a talent for storytelling are skills that will benefit me as a writer. Taking this class has helped me to learn and grow in my ability as a writer. I have learned that I need to be to the point and organized in my writing, although difficult and somewhat stressful I am on the right track. I am glad to have learned many useful writing strategies such as Freewriting, brainstorming and branching. I also like idea mapping. Whenever I write an email or class paper, I find myself naturally trying to apply at least one of these principles. I am learning to focus on whom my intended audience is and write to the needs of my audience. This course is very helpful, especially for us as students; we can take the writing skills we have learned with us to the workplace. I learned to be more direct and to the point in my writing. I also understand the differences between writing and academic writing. I honestly believe that receiving

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