Strategies For College Success

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Colorado Technical University Strategies for College Success Research Paper Tracy Jessop, MBA Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for INTD 111 Creating Academic and Professional Success By Angela DeHerrera Pueblo, Colorado March 2011 Abstract College success is extremely important in this day and age where only 56 percent of students who enroll in college will actually graduate with a degree. Physical and Mental health are an important component to college success. Strategies for College Success Starting college can be a very exciting, scary and even an overwhelming adventure. For some new students this is the first time away from home. Other students may be older than the "normal college student" and feel like they don't belong. There are several strategies that can help make your college adventure a success. Most college students do not realize how important their physical and mental health are in the course of their college studies. First year students face several issues that could turn into real problems if not addressed. Physical Health Have you heard of the “Freshman 15”? Recent studies show that the average is closer to 5 pounds. There are students, however, that gain much more and some that will actually lose weight. What is the cause for the issue with weight? Well, you don't have the home-cooked, well balanced meals. The school cafe usually has quite a few options, and not all of them are healthy for you. Most students are not allowed to cook in their dorm rooms so they load up on snacks and junk food. There are several ways to avoid the 'Freshman 15'. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Leave a few minutes earlier so that you can take a longer walk to your classes, use the stairs whenever possible. Eat healthy foods from all the food groups. Try not to eat late at

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