Strategies For College Success

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Strategies for College Success Prof. Erin House February 28, 2008 Goals and objectives create the foundation for your life plans. If they are clear to you, you will have an effective and meaningful life. My personal goals would be to stay away from trouble, keep good friends, get married and have kids. The goal I always been my number one would be having a family of my own. As growing up I always been close to my family and that’s all I ever looked forward in my life. My professional goals would be keep the job I have, Finish my school and get my business management degree, soon after possibly move up at my work and take a manager position and save money. I really wont consider my professional life starting up until I open a small business. I am looking into opening a laundry mat with an barber shop right next door. Now a days people only know the price of everything and the values of nothing. Yes, a job, money, and possessions have value, but the value is not how much money they cost but their value is what they add to life. My first personal value is myself. I value myself because I will be much valuable to others if I value myself first. I have become familiar with my strengths and weaknesses and I use my strengths to help others with their weaknesses and use my weaknesses to improve myself. Secondly, I value knowledge. Knowledge is not just want you read in books or someone told you, don’t believe anything until your own sense believes it. Famous phrase knowledge is power but it don’t mean by reading it I think you got to apply your knowledge. Third value is kindness. By being kind, kindness warms the hearts of others, makes them feel valuable and relieves their burdens. I also value time very much, so safe to say if a person wastes one hour of time he clearly has not found the meaning of life. Professionally I value College the most. Education is ver

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