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Oral Language Development in Second Language Acquisition: Strategy 1: This strategy is called Small Group Discussions. Within this strategy, the teacher will put students into groups of 5 students. The teacher will predetermine the students to each group heterogeneously, depending on their ELL level. Each student in the group is assigned a specific role and responsibility to carry out during the small-group discussion. The purpose of this strategy is to encourage active participation by all group members, foster awareness of the various tasks, and make the students comfortable in a variety of roles in the group. The students will all be speaking in their groups and have specific roles to fulfill so ELL students do not fall behind, or hide within the group. They will each receive positive feedback. The students will be separated into groups of five, and each group member will be given a role. The first role is the Leader. The leader defines the task, and keeps everybody on task. The second role is the manager, who’s job is to gather and summarize materials the group will need, keep track of time, and collect materials for the group. The third role is the note maker. This person will be responsible for recording ideas generated by the group, and clarify ideas before recording. The forth person will be the reporter who will report the groups ideas to the class, and the fifth member of the group will be the supporter who will provide positive feedback for each speaker, and make sure everyone gets and turn and is participating. The students will rotate the roles throughout the duration of the small group activity to make sure each student gets a chance at each role. After the group discussion is complete, the students will complete and evaluation of the discussion to ensure that all students were participating and efficient in their

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