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Strategic Summary Introduction The strategic objectives and measurements for “D’ Roulhac Custom Baskets were outlined in the balanced scorecard and derived from the mission, vision, values and SWOTT analysis. The company having a new and unique concept for creating baskets to customer specifications via the virtual basket will provide serious competition for competitor’s in the industry. The following categories are a summary of the objectives noted in the balanced scorecard. Financial Performance The financial category asks the question, “How should a company be perceived by the shareholders to be successful?” (Pearce & Robinson, 2004). “D’ Roulhac Custom Baskets financial goal is to obtain a moderate percentage of the industry market share locally. Another goal is to branch out nationally and secure a larger percentage of the market share. To accomplish this, the company will need to institute low cost initiatives such as reducing the cost of capital in relation to that of competitors and industry. Additionally, “D’ Roulhac Custom Baskets will need to leverage its position; use alternate financial strategies such as sale and leaseback options on the building and equipment (Pearce & Robinson, 2004). “D’ Roulhac Custom Baskets expects to have a two to six percent increase in return on capital investments over the next three years. Customer Knowledge The mission of “D’ Roulhac Custom Baskets is to provide consumers that one of kind and unique basket according to his or her specifications at a budget friendly price. Organization’s that implement strategies promoting customer closeness, continually shape and tailor products and services to match an increased and reformulated definition of the consumer. In a very competitive environment that is service oriented, maintaining and achieving consumer satisfaction often involve a commitment from all aspects of

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