Strategic Planning, Samsung Cases Essay

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The tale of Samsung The tale of Samsung, it is one of the most relevant event in the automotive industry in where, we can see the scenario, situation that the Mr. Kun Hee Lee had to face, he had to control his emotions and also deal with the pressure of the Korean recession. Samsung Motors began the sale and Commercialization of cars in 1998, Just before South Korea Remain Affected by a severe financial crisis Affected That all Asian countries. This was created by the will of Samsung Group chairman, Kun Hee Lee, who felt that the automotive industry was the union of many industries. For the Group, would represent cooperation among its affiliates and subsidiaries such as "Samsung Electrics" or "Samsung Electronics", however, his plan was affected by the severe financial crisis in Asia, and soon the group rejected Samsung Motors, for the fact that it was not very profitable for the company and that a decision was taken only by sentiment and not group decision. Negotiations with Renault started in December 1998 and September 2000 Renault bought 70% stake for $ 512 million. For many this decision that was taken was very hasty and desperate, but it was made to refresh the brand strategically to change image of the product and positioning in the minds of consumers in a different way not only the prestige of the other Samsung products but also supported by the Renault brand. To conclude this essay, we discovered a problem of communication between the Renault Samsung CEO Mr. Kum Hee Lee and the rest of the policy to which the mark was wrongly positioned in the minds of the consumer and made a decision to solve it, proposing a change of brand

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