Strategic Planning And Implementation: Kudler Fine Foods

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Strategy Paper University of Phoenix Strategic Planning & Implementation STR/581 Kudler Fine Foods has the potential to be the best source of fresh and the finest gourmet and organic foods in the California region. But before Kudler Fine Foods can be the best they must prepare a strategic business plan that expresses what strategies Kudler Fine Foods will embark on. The role of the strategic plan is to take a set of decisions and actions that an organization will implement to achieve the company’s objective (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). In this paper will explain several strategies that Kudler Fine Foods can use and select the best strategy. Identify the Best Value Discipline The basis of every successful business can be one…show more content…
The generic strategy is the main ideal about how Kudler Fine Foods can best challenge in the marketplace. The ideal of Kudler Fine Foods is to have a one-stop shopping experience for the finest meats, cheeses, organic foods and ingredients, and wines at sensible prices. Kudler Fine Foods will not pursue the strategy of the lowest cost leader in the area because of its gourmet and organic foods, wine selections, and different services they provide. As an alternative Kudler Fine Foods will emphases on producing and marketing its products and services through differentiation. Achievement of this plan will involve Kudler Fine Foods possessing good marketing abilities, innovative skill, support of the stakeholders, and a reputation for quality in the…show more content…
The alternative strategies of horizontal integration, market development, expansion, and joint venture will be under consideration to ensure the success of Kudler Fine Foods in expanding. The expansion choice will use the alternative strategy of joint venture to expand Kudler Fine Foods. The joint ventures with other successful businesses will all Kudler Fine Foods to target the current markets and new markets will reduce risks and create market

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