Strategic Planning: a Challenge in Healthcare Administration

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Strategic planning: a challenge in healthcare administration Mary Luz Ramirez Strategic planning: a challenge in healthcare administration Strategic planning is the design, development and implementation of operational plans by the organizations, with the intention of achieving objectives and goals. These plans can be short, medium or long term. (Team FME., 2013). According to Buchbinder, & Shanks, (2012):” strategic planning is the process of identifying a desired future state for an organization and a means to achieve it”. Before implementing a strategic planning program is necessary that all the organization’s members will be involved in it to have the desire to fulfill the goals to be achieved. When an organizations lacks of a plan, administrators may not know how to organize people and resources; it may not even have a clear idea of what they need to organize. Without a plan, the administrator cannot lead with confidence and expect others to follow. Often mistaken affect health plans across the organization. That is why strategic planning is vital to any hospital that wants to achieve their goals in order to provide the best services to their community. Practices or activities related to strategic planning Last week, I spoke with Reynaldo Paulino MD about his strategic planning and how this practice has helped Arenoso Hospital to achieve many objectives that have been proposed during these last years. Dr. Paulino said: “Since 2011, Arenoso Hospital implanted the FODA program, which was enabled to form a picture of the current situation of the organization; allowing, in this way, get an accurate diagnosis that allowed to make decisions consistent with the objectives and policies formulated by the hospital” (R. Paulino, personal communication, August 5,2014). FODA was the Spanish initials of SWOT. It is

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