Strategic Planning Essay

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Strategic Planning determines the general direction and goals of the Organization in both the short and long term. Strategic planning considers the resources of the Organization, the likely behavior of competitors, the direction and pace of technological change, and the projected demands of the marketplace. “HR strategies exist to ensure that the culture, values, structure and processes of the organization, and the quality, flexibility, motivation and commitment of its members to contribute fully to the achievement of its objectives… should match the business strategy.” Cooke 1990. According to David Guest strategic HRM is largely about integration; to ensure that HRM is fully integrated into strategic planning; that HRM policies cohere across policy areas and across hierarchies and that HRM practices are accepted and used by line managers as part of their everyday work. To some it may seem as if HRM has a very minute role to play in an Organization. This is not so. What is the driving force of any Organization? Can an Organization exist without human beings? From the maid that cleans to the CEO that makes all the “big” decision, they are all need for the effective day to day running of the company. So to state the HR Planning does not really participate in strategic planning or that HR Planning activities simply "involve putting out small fire is for the most part incorrect. While this may ring true for some organization for the majority this is not so. There are several factors that determine HR Planning. There are the Organization’s Strategy and Culture which focuses on the need for human resources, the quantity and skills. Then there is the Organizations’ Competitive or Financial Environment and Current Situations which focuses on the available financial resources. HR Planning as defined by

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