Strategic Planning Essay

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The role of a strategic planner is to provide up to date research to the management or leadership of an organisation in areas that include: external environmental trends, business trends, market research, industry trend analysis, consumer research, and competitor research (Tearle, 2012). In this task I have been requested to assume the role of strategic planning office of Central and Cecil Housing Trust (CCHT) a non-profit making organisation. I will be reporting to the corporate services about a choice of an external environmental appraisal technique and justifying the choice. I am also expected to provide a worked example of the application of the chosen technique. “A strategy is defined as a pattern, of purposes, polices, programmes, actions, decisions, or resource allocations that define what an organisation is, what it does, and why it doe it. Strategies can vary by level of function, and by time frame.” (Bryson, 1995 p.95) Organisations are an element of a system by which scarce resources are allocated to satisfy wants. Not all wants can be fulfilled but if an organisation can properly identify its purpose and its intent then planning systems may be useful vehicles for marching resources to wants according to best fit. The situation of the environment is such that it is complex and uncertain; this causes lots of difficulties in decision-making and strategic planning. So an organisation has to adopt and adapt its strategies and plans to go hand in hand with world changes. Strategic planning is intended to help public and non-profit organisations to respond effectively to their new situations (Bryson, J. 1988). It is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions shaping the nature and direction of an organisation’s activities within legal bounds. The decisions concern the organisations mandates, mission product or service level, and mix,

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