Strategic Plan

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Environmental Scan Strategic planning of Kudler Fine Foods begins with Kathy Kudler's vision regarding the future of Kudler Fine Foods. Strategic planning of Kudler Fine Foods must enable the company to exploit environmental opportunities or neutralize environmental threats. According to Barney (2007), to generate economic profits for Kudler Fine Foods, the company must be appropriately reorganized to realize the full competitive potential of its resources and capabilities. Monitoring environmental trends and patterns is important in strategic planning process in today’s times of uncertainty. The business environment refers to all the forces or factors that affect the activities of the firm. Because the internal and external environments of organization are changing all the time, companies must keep up with changes. When the business environment changes, companies that do not change their way of doing business eventually will not survive for long. The internal environment refers situations that occur inside the business, and are generally under the control of the company. According to Kloviene and Gimzauskiene (2009), the main factors in the internal environment are corporate governance structure, organizational culture, management style, and employees. Kudler Fine Foods intends to continue providing high quality foods to the local area. The owner of Kudler Fine Foods encourages her employees to be friendly and helpful to the customers. Kudler Fine Foods strive to provide a workplace that develops and fosters new learning, ideas, interests, and strengths. Consequently, Kudler Fine Foods should integrate best practices into workplace, and concentrate on the corporate strategies. The external environment refers situations that occur outside of the company and are by and large beyond the control of the company. After assessing changes in the external

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