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Strategic Plan Patricia Bledsoe University of Phoenix, Houston MBA/580 Steven Knabe Strategies for Competitive Advantage Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Strategic Plan By starting a strategic planning process with the desired end state from the beginning, an organization increases the chance for success. Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston (BGCGH) desires to reduce employee turnover by 35% within one year, recruit 100 new members for each unit improving the overall market share represented by the number of youth in the program within 1 year and lower expenses by 20% through reduction of daily operations supplies costs at all 15 locations while increasing donations by 40% within 12 to 18 months. To assist with the realization of alignment with identified strategic goals, the author developed a strategic plan for the organization. In this paper, the author identifies the organization’s vision, mission and values. The author also explains the environmental analysis, long term objectives and the implementation of planned goals. The author also provides a review of financial projections for the next 2-3 years, critical success factors and control and evaluation measures essential to realizing the desired end state. Ultimately the strategic plan identified by the author will support BGCCH in their strategic growth process. Company Background, Vision, Mission and Values Statement The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston is a non-profit organization established over 50 years ago in the Houston area. The organization recently hired a new CEO after having the same CEO for over 30 years. The new leader is seeking to help the company maximize resources and realize the implementation of the mission in every aspect of the company. BGCGH vision is to provide a safe place for youth in need to learn and grow as opposed to hanging on the street

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