Strategic Management Report

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Please be aware that by submitting your work through ‘Turn it In’ you are agreeing to the following statement: I declare that the work submitted for assessment contains no section copied in whole or in part from any other source unless it is explicitly identified by means of quotation marks and that I have acknowledged such quotations by providing detailed references in the approved format. I understand that either or both unidentified and unreferenced copying constitutes plagiarism which is considered unfair practice and could result in investigation by the Unfair Practice Board. PART ONE: Student and assessment details (to be completed by student) STUDENT ID NO. AND INSTITUTE EMAIL ADDRESS: e.g. | | PROGRAMME TITLE: | F/d Food Manufacturing management | MODULE TITLE: | Strategic and Change Management | ASSESSMENT TYPE (e.g. report, essay, etc) | Report | PART TWO: SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT (To be completed by academic staff) 1st Marker: | | Date: | | Grade without penalties | | Agreed grade including penalties | | 2nd Marker: | | Date: | | Grade without penalties | | | | NB: Prior to module/programme boards this grade is provisional | P1 | Irrelevance to subject | P2 | Evidence required | P3 | Obscurity of phrasing | P4 | Referencing issues | * Partially achieved learning outcomes will not normally result in a pass in the assessment. | Learning Outcomes Tested by this Assessment | Achieved | Not Achieved | ii. Conduct research in the workplace using established methods of enquiry and taking into account ethical considerations.v. Plan initiate and manage own learning and reflect on connections between theory and practice. | | | Strengths and areas for development shown in this assessment are: | (relating to learning outcomes, assessment criteria, depth, breadth,
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