Strategic Management in a Company Essay

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Question 1. Part A. Recruitment and selection is one of a number of activities within human resource management which increasingly is being devolved and transferred to line managers within an organization. The recruitment process is often presented as one-way process with the employer choosing the lucky applicant but more realistically and particularly in an area where there is a shortage of labor, it’s a reciprocal process in which potential employees decide which company appears to offer the most attractive package. The early stages of recruitment would probably follow a pattern similar to one of these, first Authorization which is getting permission to create or fill a post within company is important; recruitment and selection involves time and resources. Second Job Analyses which is a thorough analysis of the job must be carried out in order to understand exactly what is required and who would be the best type of person to fill the post. It is important to recognize that the job is unlikely to be exactly the same as it was when the previous person started. The third is Terms and condition agreed which is different of the other it is about a job description and terms of employment will probably be the next stage which is likely to be carried out by personnel specialists within the company. The fourth one is a Decide Target group which is when a clear understanding of job itself has been gained; it is then possible to know the type of people employer will apply in-house or external recruitment. The fifth is Decide appropriate recruitment method where the appropriateness will clearly depend on the type of job being recruited for. And the sixes and the last method of recruitment and selection is Design a job advertisement where it may be carried out the personnel department or an external agency. The key fracture should be an unambiguous statement of the key
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