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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT 1 BY SUHAIMI BIN ABDUL MANAF 6122000051 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT GSM 6133 LECTURER: PROF MADYA DR. FUAD MOHD SALLEH 1. What is the best option, in your view, for DD In my opinion, DD or Doordashan being the India’s public service broadcaster should take a middle path by offering and joining the Direct to Home service bandwagon. Privatization may seem to be the best options but considering DD's responsibility to the nation, privatization may increase the subscription cost for its viewership members while limiting the government usage in channelling and disseminating reliable information’s and campaigns from its agencies to the general public especially those who are not subscribers to the pay-per-view stations. 2. Analyze the SWOT factors the DD has. Strength: a. Having great access such as 1000 transmitters covering 90% of the population b. Having more than 20000 employees managing it metro and regional channel Weaknesses: a. Present tariff for first 20 episodes of a program is not competitive b. Low return in revenue in commercial/ advertising time slot Opportunity: a. With the infrastructure and engineering experts available within DD, it could offer better DTH services than anyone else in the field. b. Emerging broadcasting technology c. To capture new target market Threat: a. Producer are possessive about buying commercial time on DD b. Software suppliers, advertisers and audiences are deserting DD due to unrealistic pricing policy c. DD is not independent like private channel over its content. Like in any other countries since it budget is from the government through its Information and Broadcasting Ministry, part of their program has to be government propaganda and public relation activities. Thus DD is not attractive to the general viewer who prefers more on entertainment.

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