Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Essay

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Assignment: Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Bus 499 10/17/2013 Assess how globalization and technology changes have impacted the corporation you researched. The chosen public corporation for analysis is the Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International. The said airport has been considered as one of the busiest US airports for many years now. In fact, the performance of the said airport has already been highlighted and magnified through the scores given by the passengers and the FAA. The airport is indeed very busy in terms of passenger traffic and the number of landings and take-offs (Federal Aviation Administration). Globalization and the advancement of technology have tremendous impact on its operation in the recent years. The airport has installed new technologies since 2009 for the further improvement of its operation including Airport Surface Detection Equipment - Model X (ASDE-X), Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Procedures and Airspace Redesign, Basic Rerouting and Adjacent Center Metering (Federal Aviation Administration). As a consequence to the adjustment to globalization and the installation of new technology, the average delayed flights have decreased from 9.6, 4.9, 4.3 to -0.3 from 2009 to 2012. This would imply that the airport has improved in the area of flight schedule. The service also has enhanced in the aspect of average gate to gate time, from 117.7 (2009), 116.6 (2010), 115 (2011), to 112.8 (2012). The Average Number of Level-offs Per Flight has also gone down from 2.7 to 2.5. Also, the Distance in Level Flight from Top of Descent to Runway Threshold Nautical Miles per Flight has been from 38.4 to 37. Lastly, the taxi-in-time has been decreased from 11.4 to 10.3 from the respective years (Federal Aviation Administration). As shown
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