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Strategic Planning process used in Tesco Strategic Planning is a process to ensure that your organization will give you good profit results and be able to maintain its output. It gives you a clear vision of your organization and tell where your organization will be within five or ten years or more fifteen years, it also helps to answer your question ' how we will get our goal. It is a systematic planning process involving number of steps that identify the current status of the organization, including its mission, vision for the future operating values, needs (strengths, weakness and, opportunities and threats), goals, prioritized actions and strategies and monitoring plans. Strategic Planning is the milestone of every organization. Without strategic planning, the organization can never know what is going on and where they are. All the member of that organization work together to ensure the team's goal is met. An organization work with the team members, the board of director and professional management staff. All the members of the organization work like part of the as players. Tesco as a Leading Organization Tesco is the biggest supermarket in the United Kingdom. It was started in 1929 and they opened their first store in Edgware, North London. It is named by combination of its founders of Tesco, Sir Jack Cohen and a partner in a firm of tea suppliers who worked with him. His name was T.E.Stockwell. From that time it is reflected at company is growing in the challenge of retailing. After the second Word War, a big percentage of the grocery stores were served by the customer but there was not any self-service store available that time. That time this store was on the way and, when it introduced in the market, it help (guide) stores to grow bigger to become superstore that we know today. People like this new concept and in 1947 the initial shale of Tesco in the

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