Strategic Management Essay

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The strategic application of marketing principles is essential for the long term survival of all organisations. Strategic marketing planning both co-ordinates activities within the firm and directs and manages the relationships an organisation has with customers, suppliers and the wider environment. For this reason it is argued that an understanding of the strategic marketing planning process is essential for all students of business. SUMMARY OF AIMS 1. To develop an understanding of the concepts of strategic marketing and the ability to apply these to a variety of organisations. 2. To examine how a thorough understanding and analysis of an organisation and its environment can lead to the development of appropriate marketing objectives and strategies 3. To give students the opportunity to develop suitable strategic marketing responses aimed at improving organisational performance. 4. To develop students that are able to make an immediate and valuable contribution to any organisation in which they are employed. SECTION 3 LEARNING OUTCOMES On successful completion of this module students should be able to: 1. Apply a number of different models of strategic marketing analysis; 2. Identify, evaluate & recommend strategic marketing proposals; 3. Identify, access and use relevant information and concepts to inform and support strategic marketing decisions; 4. Work within a group in a professional manner to analyse and address a given marketing situation 5. Examine and evaluate the integrated nature of strategic marketing. SECTION 4 ASSESSMENT This module is assessed by means of coursework and examination. To pass the module an overall module mark of at least 40% must be achieved. Where a student does not achieve an overall module mark of at least 40% the student will be referred in each assessment

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