Strategic Management Essay

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Unit Information Form (UIF) UIF1112 The UIF provides essential information to students, staff teams and others on a particular unit. Please refer to the University’s Guidance notes on Unit Information Forms before completing the details below SECTION 1 - Changes made to Section 1 of the UIF will require Faculty level approval. If substantial changes to Units/Courses are required, consult with Sub Dean (Quality Enhancement) for advice Unit Name | Strategic Management | Unit Code | | Level | M | Credit Value | 15 | Location of Delivery | Putteridge Bury | Summary/Overview | This unit covers the field of strategy-making and strategic management. Students will consider the issues and challenges facing directors, senior managers and entrepreneurs in guiding the long-term development of organisations. The objectives of organisations and the means of achieving them through the mobilisation and deployment of assets and resources and the integration of the various functions of the organisation will be the focus of the unit. | Aims | The unit aims may be summarized:To enable students to: 1. conduct appropriate analysis of the strategic condition and position of organisations 2. recognize the potential strategic options available to organisations 3. conduct appropriate evaluation procedures to establish the suitability, feasibility and acceptability of potential options 4. identify the resources, systems, structural and change implications which strategic options pose top-level decision-makers 5. formulate strategies which ensure a fit between internal resources and external conditions for the achievement of long-term viability and competitive advantage 6. understand and accommodate the need for the co-ordination of cross-functional contributions to the successful development and implementation of strategy | Core Learning Outcomes

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