Strategic Management Essay

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SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis based on the Robin Hood Case. Strengths | Weaknesses | * Allies with deep grievances and in favour of moral rightness (Justice). Use emotions and a sense of drive or ambition * A team with a willingness to serve * A large mass of people in his team (strength came in numbers) * Due to large numbers, more room for creativity and versatile brainstorming by Lieutenants * Disciplined volunteers/ Early enforced Disciplinary system * A group united based on a common interest (“in enmity against the Sheriff”) * Proactive planning and ability to forecast and be a step ahead of the Sheriff (A lieutenant in charge of being alert of the Sheriff’s next move) * Financially attentive ( A lieutenant in charge of finances and securing surpluses) * A group with all intentions to serve even in situations where it is outside the law * Progress in campaign | * Band too large to manage. * Resources are being depleted (competitor advantage). * Uncertainty of policy changes. * Recruitment issues (no recruitment policies) * Limited infrastructure and a lack of space in the campsite for the masses. * Group and personal goals are different. * Robin ruled supreme and left little room for lieutenants to contribute and no room for people in the lower department * Enforcing discipline became a challenge to both Robin and the Lieutenant in charge of discipline * Due to disciplinary problems, the group’s sense of alertness began to deteriorate * Ratio of people (the band) outnumbered the food resources available * Loss of organizational identity * Personal grudge against Sheriff and his administration * Supplies and resources became relatively difficult and time consuming to obtain (from outlying villages). Transport costs * Tax implementation uncertain * Game scarcity | Opportunities |

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