Strategic Leadership at Coca Cola

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1. Analyze leadership’ style of different Coca-Cola top managers. How effective were different styles in navigating Coca-Cola through the strategic challenges it faced? What were the reasons for such effectiveness? Before analyzing it is important to clarify what types of leadership was implemented by each Coca-Cola CEO. In my opinion Goizueta was a strategic leader because he changed Coca-Cola financially, organizationally and culturally and combined both day-to-day operational and long-term strategic activities. Invester was a bright example of managerial leader, keen on details, information and risk-averse he made important but controversial impact to the company operations. Daft was on the border between managerial and visionary leadership styles, moreover his oriental background influenced his approach to running a company. Isdell can be regarded as a visionary with challenging task to correct all strategic and organizational drawbacks of previous CEO. Now I will analyze each style and influential outcomes of their implementation. The main impact of Goizueta, as a strategic leader, in my opinion was an establishing the direction of the company development, it is crucial because stockholders can be sure that company has sustainable growth development. He represented efficient, but risky changes, for example he got rid of all non-core businesses such as shrimp farming, orange groves, steam generators, etc. Both from financial and organizational point of view it is important for company to understand the degree of diversity and concentrate on core businesses, such as Goizueta did. One more important impact of Goizueta was as can be called «give a human face to business», he established a system of relationships both with his core clients and employees, supported by clear business objectives such as brand building, making deals, selling concentrate. But one of

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