Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

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Strategic Human Resource Management Strategic Human Resource Management How has strategic human resource management as a field evolved over the years? What are the practices that are likely to bring forth better performance with regards to strategic human resource management? Strategic human resource management deals with strategies used by business enterprises and companies as means of the improving and measuring performance. It is important to understand these strategies as it helps determine what would be required for employers to get good results from their enterprises and employees to feel comfortable and also feel motivated to work efficiently. Lengnick-Hall et al. (2009) identified seven themes across time in strategic human resources management which was thought to have brought evolution to the field. They included the following: * Dealing with contingency perspectives and fit of SHRM * Creation of strategic contribution and moving away from management focus * Elaboration of HR system components and structure * Expanding the view of SHRM * Achieving HR implementation and execution * Analysis of the SHRM outcomes * Evaluation of methodological issues The seven themes cover an interim between 1980 and the present. Each theme tries to come up with ways that can yield better results in performance. With the seven themes, the SHRM literature has come up with concepts and theories which have enabled the literature to expand to other different organization. The literature was also expanded to include the formulation and implementation of strategies. Chen and Huang (2007) on the other hand, stated that strategic management literature recognized innovation as an important enabler for business firms to create value and sustain competitive advantage in the rapidly changing environment. Youndt et al. (1996) stated that innovation
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