Strategic Fitness Center Essay

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Strategic Fitness Part II Strategic fitness center is a place to have fun, stay fit, and a stress relief. Our center provides customer with the state of art equipment and exercise classes needed to lose weight and on site massage therapist. Our store has a large range of state of art exercise equipment, and a long list of exercise classes, medical, nutritionist on-site, and children fitness center. Our services focus on obtaining a healthy lifestyle. With the applying of these services consumers who experience the feeling of weight gain and stress from everyday life, which includes their busy jobs and personal activities to find a balance to eat healthier and maintaining their weight. Based on the SWOTT analysis conducted on Strategic fitness in relation to the organization internal and external forces and trends such as Environmental, Competition, Legal/Regulatory, Innovation, Technology, and Economy. The paper will include economic as well as legal and regulatory forces and trends, critique how well the organization adapts to change, analyze the supply chain operations, and identify issues and opportunities. Economic and Legal and Regulatory Forces Some states have enacted legislation to regulate fitness club activity due to the substantial number of contracts for fitness services in, which certain practices and business and financing methods, which have worked undue financial hardship upon its citizens.("Fitness Club Law", 2012). Such legislation may govern such issues as the buyer's right to receive a copy of the club's rules and regulations, right to cancellation, return of deposits, and down payments, assignment of contracts, and other issues aimed to prevent unfair business practices.("Fitness Club Law", 2012). Our organization requires no yearly contract, we on a month to month basis so this will alleviate this legal ratification that we no longer have

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