Strategic Communication Outline

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Strategic Communication Plan Template Linda Holman, Kathy Kathrein, Angel Pacheco, Roger Plummer, Karen Sykes, Jeff Wilsey November 4, 2013 BUS/475 Jon Mitchell Strategic Communications Plan Template Mission and Vision Mission defines objectives broadly (What is the Mission Statement?) _______________________________________________________________ Vision creates moral compass for attaining goals (What is the Vision Statement?) _______________________________________________________________ Determine Goals and Objectives Importance of proposed objectives (What is the importance level among objectives?) _______________________________________________________________ Internal and external evaluation of reaching objective (What/Who will this objective affect?) _______________________________________________________________ Ensure processes are completed (What will be the hierarchy of command for implementation?) _______________________________________________________________ Identify and Profile Audience Identification of audience (Who will receive this communication?) _______________________________________________________________ Importance level of each audience (How important is each audience?) _______________________________________________________________ Importance level of communication (How important is the message to the audience segment?) _______________________________________________________________ Message Development Communicating importance of message (How important this message is to the audience?) _______________________________________________________________ Weight setting (How can the weight of a message be communicated to the audience segment?) _______________________________________________________________ Create remembrance (How can the audience

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