Strategic Analysis of Ruby Tuesday

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Ruby Tuesday RT | Strategic Management Project Progress Report | Huda Shikh, Diana Khateeb, Shahad Idrees, Nour Kathiri, Samaher Baattiah. | Contents Summary of Report 2 1. Company Overview 3 2. Industry Evolution and Current Situation Analysis 4 3. Analysis of Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives 6 4. Corporate Governance Mechanism 8 5. Social Responsibility 10 6. External Analysis 11 7. Internal Analysis 13 8. Value Chain 14 9. Business-Level Strategy: 16 10. Corporate-Level Strategy: 17 11. International Strategy: 17 12. Internet Strategy 18 13. Recommendation for RT Mission Statement 19 14. Recommendations to RT for Gaining a Sustainable Competitive Advantages 21 15. Strategy Map 23 16. Balanced Scorecard 24 17. Internal Organizational Changes 27 18. Conclusion 28 References 29 Summary of Report This is a report for the course of strategic management that is completed by 5 students of Dar al Hekma business school. The students have first chosen the company by the name of Ruby Tuesday. Then they collected information on it and analyzed the information. The main objective of this report is to perform a strategic analysis of Ruby Tuesday restaurant and to reinforce the understanding of industry dynamics, external and internal analysis, in addition to specific corporate strategy issues. 1. Company Overview Ruby Tuesday is a chain of restaurants whose headquarters are based in United States of America. The restaurant provides essential food and beverage services to the middle income customers. The restaurant has 680 restaurants in the United States alone and it also operates all over the world. There are more than 40,000 corporate and franchise team members. Ruby Tuesday owned and operated restaurants are concentrated primarily in the Southeast, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest of the United States, which
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