Strat Branding of Inbev Beer Industryegic Essay

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A Promotional Analysis of Unilever's Dove Campaign for Real Beauty An Integrated Marketing Communications Approach Professor Mickey A Belch Offor Anthon Abstract This work is a review of an Integrated Marketing Communications Program Model with regard to New Media and promotional strategies. We want to have a review of the IMC planning Model of Unilever's Promotional Strategies of Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. The beauty industry is a highly competitive market today as each brand wants to be at the top in their different market segments. Unilever firm has spent millions of dollars on researches, advertisements, sales promotion, publicity, internet and interactive strategies to ensure a lead in the beauty industry. It has involved in different media planning and public relations and spent millions in the development of new products and technologies to align with social objectives on the social media and other media channels. These channels of communications enable their brands to generate massive votes of public engagement very rapidly especially when launching "a crowd-sourcing drives. As only innovations do not bring about return on investments (ROI), promotional strategies are designed to generate brand awareness, brand equity and customer’s satisfaction, trust and loyalty. Hence, this work shall analyze integrated marketing communications policies in evaluating Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, and other promotional efforts by Unilever so as to establish their effectiveness in the campaign. Besides, we shall make some recommendation to marketers for the future for

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