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Strangers Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on April 2, 2014
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Giacomo Eisler
Sunday September 23, 12
English 9
Mr. Warshawski

The Hacker

An old looking 25 year old. He is a hacker’s with no name. He is hacking Amazon right now with no difficulty. He's done it before. He still lives with his mother. He customized his whole basement to make it a hacker’s man cave. He's a part time librarian. Hates it. Tomorrow he is meeting with some hacking employers. They are asking him to hack a bomb and make it detonate a bomb in 5 minutes. He will accept. Then he will be killed before he gets paid.  At his funeral they will find out that the person killed was actually not the right person and that the right person is in hiding, plotting his revenge. That sooner than later he will get it. He will show up at their house unrecognizable because of his really long hair and poor hygiene. He will be insane and will kill all of them as well as himself.

The Killer

This man is around 56 years of age. He’s fat. He probably failed out of college because he was too much of a rebel. He probably cursed at teachers and was a spoiled brat. His father was very rich and gave everything to him on a silver platter. He hated his father though. No one ever figured out why but he just did. He was horrible at all sports and anything that had any form of educational benefit to it. He just got fired from McDonalds and is unemployed, but that doesn’t matter. He did something so horrible that it makes chills go down your spine. He was going broke and needed money immediately so he decided to commit a crime. He killed his father so that he could get the millions of dollars that his father was going to leave for him in his will. He shot his dad with a sniper from long distance. Now he is really rich from all the money. And the best part is, the police never suspected him. He was indifferent on the matter. He didn’t care he killed someone that loved him. But then his mother found out and was going to report it to the cops, he killed her as well. Now the...

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