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the point of view and the situation. Siri Hustvedt also tells about hers daughter, who pretend to be deaf every time she takes the subway, because she don’t want to get in any trouble. One time she experienced “a white guy in his thirties” (p. 3 l. 82). Who stared at her and yelled, “I love you” several times. Everyone in the subway ignored the man, like he didn’t exist or something like that. The turning point in this story was then the man left the train, and the man next to her said, “It looks like you have an admirer” (p. 3 l. 90). The man’s reaction comforted Siri Hustvedt’s daughter a bit, because no one ever react or say anything when things like that happens. The man broke the code. Siri Hustvedt’s daughter felt for the first time in her life “a feeling of ordinary human solidarity” (p.3 l. 96). This man chose to help a fellow New Yorker instead of being a part of a passive audience. The man becomes real. Siri Hustvedt is a urbanites and not use to all this “pretend-it-didn’t-happen”, because she thinks it has its own charm, when people react, or just smile. She thinks a short exchange with a stranger can mark you forever, because it’s “uncommonly vivid” (p.3 l. 113). All individual cultures and societies have their own unspoken rules, which are difficult to understand, when you’re an outsider. In Minnesota where Siri Hustvedt comes from, everyone greets each other, which is compulsory in this city (p. 1 l. 1). In New York on the others hand, is it improper to address a stranger, and it would make you seem mental (p. 1 l. 6). This different type of interacting with people is what Siri Hustvedt writes about in her short story “Living With Strangers”. The title of the short story refers to how it is to live in a big city, where everyone are isolated and live their own lives. When Siri Hustvedt moved to New York, she lived in a little

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