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stranger than fiction Essay

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  • on March 23, 2009
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Wristwatch: Hero or Villain

Little did he know.   Little did he know that the voice he heard from the heavens wouldn’t ultimately decide his fate, but it was the silent and simple wristwatch he wore that had the most to say. It had seen enough, Harold’s wristwatch was not about to let him miss another opportunity.   Not after years upon years of silence and solitude, and surely not after it knew of Harold’s imminent death.   It was only when the chips were stacked against the wall and time was against him and Harold knew he was going to die that he realized how to live his life.   With both arms open screaming into the wind, living as if he would die today and dreaming as if he would last forever.   That is the attitude that not only Harold developed but also Karen, who portrays herself as Harold Crick in the novel.   In all of this we also get to see how opposites attract, speaking of course about Harold and Anna, a strong confident woman and a less than confident and very kind hearted Harold.

As we moved forward into this film it was quite clear to see the Wristwatch had a mind of it’s own.   Often upset with the decisions Harold would make with his life it would show frustration and act of line.   For instance, when it was upset about the opportunity Harold missed when Anna passed by the bus stop and he said nothing it shut off.   Although the watch had no bad intentions, it was ultimately what set all of the following events into motion.   That simple act of disobedience by the wristwatch nearly cost Harold his very life!   I believe it is necessary to point out the similarities between the three major characters in the film.   All the characters had an object that played a major part in their life and daily activities.   Harold had the Wristwatch, which was everything Harold was not, it represented all of the risk and changes that Harold was afraid to take in his life.

Karen had cigarettes, which calmed her nerves whenever she was in a stressful situation....

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