Stranger Essay

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i cant even imagine you having a girlfriend. you, being sweet to her, you, having so much care for her, you, buying gifts for her, you, complimenting her, you, staring at her, you, laughing with her, you, playing sports with her, you having adventures with her, and most especially, you, falling in love with her. :( I'm so sad since that "her" can never be me. this one may sound crazy but my feelings are for real rn. i am kind of sad and pathetic tbh. I don't even know why the heck am i thinking like this. it's so awful that I'm thinking these kind of thoughts. i keep on imagining things about you being such a gentleman and stuff but i can never know whether you really are a gentleman. i am bewitched by the thought the you could be my prince charming. i am having a wild imagination about you and I. i always think that there's a chance. i always hope every single day, from the moment i wake up, up to the moment i close my eyes, that you and i will know each other. that someday, you'll be able to notice my smile, and my giggles every time i see you. i know, i am still young to imagine stuff like these. i am still young to feel the love i always crave for. i am sorry for having you as my object of infatuation. hopefully, i can get over you someday and move on with my life. I've never imagined that you could be a great impact to me. I've never imagined that a stranger could make me cry. i will always like you. i will always like a stranger, whom i never talked

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