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Rhetorical Mode: Exposition Stranger In this article “Strangers”, Toni Morrison’s starts with a positive aspects. Ms. Toni Morrison encounters a “stranger”, a fisher woman, and fishing off of her neighbors. Later Morrison realizes that, there is no stranger; the fishing woman does not exist. It is only an imagination that she created. To show us a point of view of many people sometimes have difficulties to understand strangers. I am merely your courage and confidence inside. You have always been shy, tucked away in your previous accommodation, and now a new river place. Building friendships has always been hard. So far, loneliness has engulfed you in a pit. I am what you want to become, and what you want in someone else. All of those paintings and images of strangers and strange things has painted a subconscious friend deep within your conscious. That is why you felt so welcome around me. My outfit was your doing. It didn’t intimidate you in the least; it wouldn’t even intimidate a child, let alone an adult. I am you; I am the friend you’ve always wanted. I am the person you have painted in your head. I am a person you with the right amount of attributes for your liking. Images and specks of people you’ve met here and there stuck together to comfort you. I love everything you love, I love silence, I love peace, fish, the open river, laughter, and tea. Don’t bother looking for me at your neighbors’ home, on the streets, at my village. Don’t bother asking around for an old woman with men’s hat and shoes, a black dress and a fishing pole. Do not bother looking on the outside, I am nobody. I am you. In conclusion, there are only versions of ourselves, many of which we have no embraced, most of which we wish to protect ourselves. However, we ended up creating a person to our conscious. Everybody is the same, beautiful and unique in their own ways, but deep down

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