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in the stranger Albert Camus creates an unsympathetic character named meursault that shows no emotion towards anything or to anyone. there is no emotion towards his mom and her death, his lover Marie or the fact that he murdered someone for no reason. this novel explains the stranger that meursault has created in himself. it takes until the end of the story for necessity to realize the meaning of life and that he's going to die a meaningless life. meursaults emotions towards his mother's death are absent. it all starts at the beginning of the novel. meursault states "Maman dies today. Or yesterday maybe, i dont know. i got a telegram from the hone: 'Mother deceased. Funeral tomorrow. Faithfully yours.' That doesnt mean anything. Maybe it was yesterday." (3) This just ahows how indifferent meaursault is. who doesn't show emotion to the fact that their own mother died? at the funeral meursault notices everyone crying around him and finds himself annoyed. "She was crying softly, steadily, in little sobs. I thought she'd never stop." (10) meursault doesn't even have sympathy for the fact that people miss his mother and are mourning over her. Marie becomes very fond of meursault in this novel but his feelings towards her are grow very slowly overtime. meursault takes marie to the beach with Raymond and there is when he starts to grow fonder of her. "For the first time maybe, I really thought I was going to get married...together again, Marie and I swam out a ways, and we felt a closeness as we moved in unison and were happy." (50) This is the start of an indifferent man becoming attached to something, something with meaning and a future. this part of the story relates to Jake Barnes in The Sun Also Rises. Jake was involved with Lady Brett Ashley and desired her but couldn't have her. unfortunately in the end of The Stranger Meursault does not end up with Marie

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