Strange Fish Essay

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Strange Fish _______________________________________________________________ “The other is present facing the ego; a body facing another body; the other impenetrable save trough violence, or through love, as the expenditures of energy, of aggression or desire. Here external is also internal as much as the other is another body, a vulnerable flesh, an accessible symmetry” Lefebvre Your soul and being is like another body within you, one which is not immune to the external physical, but one who actually determines and communicates our physical reactions towards our emotions. “Strange fish unmistakably communicates ideas about loneliness and conflict, longing and disappointment, the need to fill the void.” Lloyd Newson on Strange fish.* As Newson said Strange Fish communicated ideas of loneliness, conflict and the need to fill a void. This was very visible through the characters physical communication. Throughout the production Houston and Nigel both find themselves being constantly rejected. Therefore being lonely, it’s only human nature to want to have a sense of belonging. When Houston and Potter did their little flirtatious dance for Molina they had blond wigs on, perhaps to mimic the look of the man’s previous interest who “stole” his attention away from them. It seemed that they were seducing him through their movements almost competitively. When the “game” was over Houston removed her wig, and looked at Potter, waiting for her to come with her. But the man seduced her into betrayal. Strange Fish to me is a production that you absorb through your entire being. You identify with the feelings that they are feeling, they speak a language of emotion trough their bodies and you feel it within yourself. Rejection and pain are regrettably emotions that are
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