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nagement Assignment 1 Table of contents Introduction 3 Pestel 3 Porters 5-Forces 6 The Company in 5 years 7 References 8 Introduction Target Corporation is one of the biggest discount retailers in the world, with its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After Wal-mart, Target is the second-largest Retailer in the United States. On Fortube Global 500, the company is ranked as number 98. Where its previous rank was 100. (1) The company have 355,000 employees, with CEO Gregg W. Steinhafel. The company was founded in 1902 as Dayton Dry Goods company by George Dayton. Targets bullseye trademark is licensed to Wesfarmers, which is owners of the separate Target Australian Chain. In august 2000, Target was renamed Target Corporation. (2)In this paper I will look at Targets Strategic position in the United States and make an diagnosis analysis of the external environment using the two tools; PESTEL on the macro environment and Porters 5 Forces on the industriel environment. PESTEL - Analysis The macro-environment can be analysed in terms of the PESTEL factors, the PESTEL mode and framwork are often used to identify how the future trends in the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal environments, and how the different aspectscan affect theorganisation. The PESTEL analysis provides abroad information from which to identify key drivers of change. (0) (3) * P The first letter P stands for political; how and to what degree the government intervenes in the economypolitical factors. It include areas such as labour law, environmental law, tax policy, trade restriction, tariffs

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