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Strategic Plan str/581 5/28/2012 Prof. C. Molavrh Strategic Plan A major concern for any business is being able to distinguish oneself from any other firm. Strategic analysis in tells the beginning start of the strategic management process organization to assess and be picked apart from the other companies compensation that sets them apart to other companies in the same field. According to Pearce & Robinson 2011, a controlling organization should "choose among alternative grand strategies to guide the firm's activities, particularly when they are trying to decide about broadening the scope of the firm's activities beyond its core business". Many firms must take for account many different strategies when they attempt…show more content…
Marriott has the opportunity to endorse their Bistro ( eating area) to the customer by making more appealing and eatable. An example, at the Courtyard, when a customer ask for dining location only advertise their bistro. In the rooms have menus for the hotel bistro, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At breakfast time, there is the option to have Starbucks with your breakfast. Marriott can really sell to customer since they love coffee and Starbucks. It also has a catalog for the items that are found in room can be purchased through the catalog. For instance if the customer enjoyed the feather down comfortable., the customer can purchase it through the catalog." Creativity is recognizing and embracing ideas usually originating outside the company. Second, innovative companies must commercialize ideas quickly. Finally, firms utilizing this discipline prefer to release their own improvements rather than wait for competitors to enter" ( Pearce& Robinson, 2011). Along with those items, there is also provide comfort for the customer like spas and shoes details and dry cleaning services. These assist the customer use the service that they are being provided without having to leaving the hotel. Customer will enjoy the catering part of their stay that makes it hard for their competitors to…show more content…
It can use commercials of their luxurious hotels with families having a great time. It can also use website like expedia, orbitz, and travel .com to help advertise cheap offers and find review of their hotels. The websites help to give so much options with the other competitors , that Marriott must be able to beat out those other hotels with the rates and commendations. Another options is Marriott can target a certain type of people when advertising. Since Marriott has so many hotels to where it can sort out which ones will be the ones for the business hotels. For instance , it can find like JW Marriott and Renaissance to be for the business types of customers and the ones close to family parks they can advertise the hotels with kitchens. It does help since there are so many hotels that Marriott can advertise to everyone at all times. Another advertising way can be the word of mouth. "The company relies heavily on word-of-mouth advertising from their customers to help market themselves in the local community" (Pearce & Robinson,2011). Marriott's managers and employees know that if a customer's experience with them was great then they are aware that they will come back and probably bring someone else with them. Also when people are looking on their hotels review that can have someone to pick other location because of paid reviews. "Marketing tactics should guide sales

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