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STP Process Geographic segmentation and geodemographic segmentation are segments that could be used with my product. The geographic segmentation is “based on where consumers live or work, to find groups with common needs and desires”(White, 2012, pp. 219). The geodemographic segmentation is “added variables such as consumers’ location relative to city center, suburb, or rural area, and type of homes” (White, 2012, pp. 219). Both geographic and geodemographic segmentation best fits my company and service. Since my product is mobile crane service, the areas we service impact our sales and marketing. For example, if our service area in the city, we are more apt to have more customers and will be able to market to a vast majority of markets. If we service out in a country area, we are limited to only a few customers and our marketing strategy may not be as strong as in a city setting. My company makes sure that they provide the correct, right, finished service that the customer requests, the first time. They make no room for mistakes or errors. When they are called on a construction project or for a crane lift, they make sure the customer job is done to the customer’s expectations the first time. If there is ever an issue with a service provided, my company makes sure to make it right. Depending on the situation, they may call the customer, make a visit to the job site, or make a visit to the customer themselves. References White, S. (2012). Target Markets. Principles of Marketing (pp. 203-240). Bridgepoint Education. Retrieved JanFebruary 1, 2014, from website

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